Ageless Ageing Cosmetic Acupuncture

“Feel Loved and Look Loved”

I work with a very unique approach to cosmetic acupuncture is a very special all-in-one treat. I use the finest quality specialist needles ‘Thrive’ created by founder, Acupuncture society vice chair Amanda Shayle. These are inserted into the skin of the face, neck, ears and body for a natural anti-ageing treatment that aims to rejuvenate overall elasticity & complexion. The Thrive needles have shown clinically to enhance the improvement of atrophic acne scarring and will be used in addition to medical micro-needling. Body and facial needling to improve skin moisture balance, cellular turnover and reduce inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis – in keeping with traditional Chinese medicine practice.

Our Skincare has been formulated with this in mind.  Loaded with healing herbs such as allantoin and cold-pressed essential oils to accentuate results.  Your skin function will re-balance, protecting hydration and your complexion – naturally.  We induce the body’s natural healing mechanisms to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Improvement of circulation is part of this process also enhancing skin tone and texture. Rather like growing a prize rose, we want to create a perfect environment for you to flourish and blossom too!

We also look after your general health, Why?

Evidence base recognises the important of this to maximise the healing response to our treatment. This is supported with acupuncture, auriculotherapy and often combined with LED Light therapy* plus diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Together this helps to improve general health of the body and skin in order to achieve more effective and long-lasting results.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts and tones sagging muscles and skin (this is often referred to as a natural face lift)
  • Reducing puffiness and bloating around the face eyes, throat and body.
  • Improving complexion giving a fresher glow due to increased blood flow to the tissues
  • Improving skin discolouration (including sun-damage pigmentation)
  • Improving acne scarring and the pitting effect
  • Tightening pores while also hydrating skin
  • Reduced side effects and no down-time as opposed to fillers, injections and chemical peel
  • Improvement or resolution of skin problems
  • Improved sleep, hormone balancing, digestive issues, relaxation and many more health benefits.


What about medical micro-needling? 

On your initial consultation, I will discuss your tailored treatment plan with you. In order to maximise the results, I recommend our patients a minimum course of 6 to 12 weekly sessions. After all a plant cannot grow from a seed overnight!

If medical micro-needling is a part of the treatment plan, it will usually be done on your 4th session and then every 4 weeks – supported with sessions of cosmetic acupuncture in between to maximise results. I believe in slow, natural nurture for long-lasting beauty.

There is a reason why I don’t do micro needling with a ‘skin roller’ on your first session. I strongly believe that with this time frame, you and I will have a better understanding of your skin and your particular concerns.  Assessing your health and response to treatments ensures that gradual bespoke ‘step ups’ with the amount of needles/zones of treatment chosen do not create stress to you and your body – remember, stress is not a friend of the healing process! This way, when you reach your 4th session both you and your skin will be much more prepared for a ‘skin roller’ session and, again, the results will be uniquely supported with the use of our natural skincare, peptide-infused facial masks, acupuncture and other therapies already mentioned.  – very powerful treatment.

In-Light LED Lght Therapy Treatment 

Using In-light LED therapy system, my clients benefit from a three in one boost. The system is FDA approved – Its oxygenates the blood, nourishes & heals the body, renews cells, promoting collagen, elastin and circulation – essential for nourishing sub-dermal tissue. Pain relief is also FDA accepted so clients can add to their treatments if this is required. Treatments last 20 minutes and is combined with needles and mask in situ

Treatment Menu

Starting with a tongue diagnosis and full medical consultation, I will have a good understanding your concerns and desired outcome. I will then indulge you in a very healing cleansing ritual you’ll quickly feel yourself. Using gentle acupuncture techniques and Thrive intradermal needles it will relax facial tissue, define, sculpture and encourage renewed circulation, it focuses on rejuvenating, re-energising and addressing all signs of skin concerns by stimulating, repairing and renewing skin mechanisms from within the dermis, resulting in a more noticeably invigorated and youthful skin. I also work the micro system using ultra-fine body or ear needles to help balance and heal the body and assist in facial tissue renewal.

A mask is then applied with an essential Peptide Infusion masks to encourage collagen growth, reducing skin redness, pigmentation and deeply hydrating benefits

In addition, I will add the state of the art LED light therapy to certain areas to the face and body to help with any healing or imbalances and to activate skin cells and focus on the skin’s cellular regulation. This is a non-invasive unique and highly advanced addition to cosmetic acupuncture, credited by NASA research, which aims to re-programme the skins ability to adapt to the ageing process, promote internal healing, collagen and elastin and address skin concerns. specific wavelengths of light targets wrinkles, aiming to improve skin’s barrier function by improving its ability to utilise key components that it needs to heal and generate new collagen after its production has slowed due to age or cumulative damage.

The treatment is complemented by combining facial and foot reflexology to activate healing, energy channels on the face and body, reducing fluid retention, toning the facial contour whilst It working to restore the body back into it’s harmonic state.

This signature facial acupuncture treatment is a very powerful anti-ageing way to skin renewal and optimal performance and health.

Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture & Clinicare Medical Microneedling and
Collagen Induction Programme

Unique to Acuregen, we combine the evidence-based effectiveness of microneedling using a roller with our gentle needling approach to cosmetic acupuncture. Thrive needles, designed and patented by founder Amanda Shayle, ensure comfort and enjoyment of these treatments. Experience the beautiful botanicals in our skincare as you are taken on a journey of cellular replenishment inside and out.

3 sessions of Acuregen cosmetic acupuncture will be followed by the fourth as a ‘dermaroller’ treatment. We always combine this fourth session with acupuncture to relax and support the immune system – hence the uniqueness of Acuregen. Choose from 3 of our essential Peptide Infusion masks to encourage collagen growth, reduce skin redness or pigmentation.

Clinicare Medical Microneedling and Acuregen Collagen Induction –

Treatments last up to 90 minutes

Acuregen 6 medical microneedling Programme

6 sessions of entire rejuvenation with 1 roller treatments

Treatments last up to 90 minutes

Cost of first treatment including the full consultation £150.00 (location depending)

Courses of on going treatments will be priced at consultation.

Acuregen 12 Medical Microneedling Programme

12 sessions of entire rejuvenation with 3 roller treatments

Treatments last up to 90 minutes

Cost of first treatment including the full consultation £150.00 (location depending)

Courses of on going treatments will be priced at consultation.


Acuregen Programme – Core treatment

Acuregen 6 programme

From beginning to end, relax while we nurture your skin. Starting with an indulgent cleansing ritual you’ll quickly feel yourself unwinding. Our gentle acupuncture techniques and Thrive intradermal needles will relax facial tissue, define, sculpture and encourage renewed circulation. Ultra fine body or ear needles will enhance body function and assist in facial tissue renewal.  Our skincare botanicals will nourish and hydrate. Our peptide infusion masks will clarify and nourish skin.

6 sessions of Cosmetic Acupuncture rejuvenation

Treatments last up to 90 minutes – Prices subject to regional variation

Cost of first treatment including the full consultation: £150.00 (location depending)

Courses of treatments will be priced at consultation.

Acuregen 12 programme

Our ultimate treatment programme.

12 sessions of Cosmetic Acupuncture rejuvenation.

Treatments last up to 90 minutes – Prices subject to regional variation

Cost of first treatment including the full consultation: £150.00

Courses of treatments will be priced at consultation.

Microsystems Acupuncture

Microsystems acupuncture is the use of specific anatomical parts of the body as representative of the whole (such as the ear or hand) with identified zones used to treat specific health issues.  Traditional Chinese medicine theory does apply and simple needle prescriptions can be used instead of needling the whole body. 
The advantages are that treatments are relatively short, less invasive and patients do not have to undress.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture is the most recognised microsystem and is widely used within the British prison service (as a group therapy situation) to assist in addiction and alcohol abuse.

Sarah  is on the Register of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council CNHC – a corgi-like badge of quality and safety and preferred by NHS healthcare providers.

The initial consultation is 45 minutes when a full medical history will be taken.  Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes

Initial consultation £70 follow up £50

“Feel Loved and Look Loved”